16 Apr

Starting a business can lead to high profits as well as global customer to reach as the country offers a business-friendly environment. Why should you go for register offshore company? Offshore companies are fully exempted from taxation and are permitted to open bank accounts within the country as well as abroad. One or more person starts the procedure of offshore company registration; natural or else juristic, proposing a signed application form to the registrar of offshore companies with the relevant mandatory documents.

Company Formation

The main features of offshore companies include:

  • Low or zero taxes
  • Ease of international operations
  • Freedom from state regulation
  • Multi-currency financial support of accounts out of the country
  • A higher level of confidentiality; information on directors as well as shareholders will not be disclosed
  • The shareholder of the company is eligible to operate the company
  • A director of an offshore company formation can be nominal and have any citizenship
  • It is recorded faster as it has a faster incorporation process
  • An offshore company can be in practical form

How to register an offshore company? 

  • The first and important step is choosing a name and ensure that the name ends with LTD
  • Confirm the scope of activity – every offshore company is a general trading firm, others may include consultancy, investment in property or to act as a holding company
  • Finalize the shareholders, Directory and Secretary
  • Choose the capital
  • Do the documentation
  • Submit the application set
  • Open a bank account

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