28 May

We regularly use about two dozen diverse structures to shield our client’s assets on a global basis. The structure we use depends on how well a consumer would like to defend his assets, how aggressive the creditors will be, and the specific assets that need to be protected. When we dug down to scrutinize which structures we use most often, we came up with the following pillar of asset protection structure

 Asset Protection Structure


The limited liability company is a single as well as easy to implement and use structure. There are no tax consequences as well as there is complete freedom to retain control over the assets and to relapse the assets back to the client. It is one of the essential elements of Asset protection solutions. It works well when we are setting up the asset protection structure ahead of any probable issues the client may face.

It is used to protect:

  • Liquid assets
  • Rental real estate
  • Business interests
  • Collectibles
  • Intellectual property


An offshore structure, including the movement of funds offshore, is the finest asset protection structure. These structures very rarely get challenged as well as when challenged have an exceedingly high likelihood of victory. The offshore structures carry tax reporting obligations, as well as like irrevocable trusts, make it somewhat more difficult for the clients to retain control and access to the assets. The use of offshore structures should be limited to assets that are liquid in nature or else can be easily converted to liquid form.

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