16 Jun

With bank failing, governments coercing as well as economics collapsing, establishing yourself offshore is more significant than ever. Despite the concentration grabbing headline showing sombre face bankers being slapped with serious fines by the IRS for tax evasion, the offshore company formation industry couldn’t be doing better. Starting a business can lead to high profits as well as global customer reach as the country offers a business-friendly environment?

Offshore Company Formation

Below is a step-by-step guide to set up offshore company:

  • Decide a company name

The first as well as foremost step is choosing a name for your offshore company. It is recommended that three names must be recommended for the company out of which one name will be confirmed by the registration authorities. Make sure that the company name ends with LTD, Limited.

  • Confirm the scope of activity 

By default, every offshore company is a general trading firm and others may include consultancy, investment in property or else act as a holding company.

  • Finalize the shareholders, directors and secretary 

One shareholder, one director as well as one secretary is allowed, each of which can be an individual or else a corporate entity. The legal name, address, contact details as well as other mandatory documentation may be needed.

  • Choose the capital 

There is no frontier on the capital that can be devoted in the business in case of setting up an offshore company. The principal of the company can be any amount separated  into any denomination.

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