04 May

With contemporary technology making it easier by the day for your business information to be searched, business owners like you want a business entity that is more secure from prying eyes.

An anonymous incorporation is defined as a limited company whose owners are not publicly identifiable by the state. An Anonymous LLC is formed by being careful where and how a LLC is created.

We at TBA & Associates are the leading law firm to provide anonymous incorporation services to the public, by providing public disclosure of ownership information of the LLC state in which the LLC is registered. This is achieved by the firm acting as the organizer and registered agent for the new LLC in select states, as well as utilizing its status as a law firm to convey attorney-client privilege and confidentiality.

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Why form anonymous LLC?

Anonymous LLC incorporation provides all the benefits of a regular LLC, with the additional benefit of not disclosing ownership information on the internet. There are numerous reasons a limited liability company is an excellent choice for small businesses. The following normally are of highest importance for most people:

Limited liability protection

  • An anonymous can help protect the members or else owners from personal liability attaching from the activities of the business.

Tax advantage 

  • An LLC provides tax advantages over a sole proprietorship or else partnership, in that the IRS permits more deductions.


  • Anonymous permit you to bring on partners at different, clearly defined levels. LLCs enable you to divide important assets or else business functions, giving you the ability to vary or alter ownership among these assets or else functions.

Searching for the best firm for incorporation services? Consider hiring TBA & Associates.  

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